Friday, October 16, 2009

Layout Construction - June 30, 2009

Testing the plan
On this day, I decided to check the accuracy of the XTrkcad program I was using to design the track plan. I laid out the prints from the program on the benchwork to get a feel for the layout (This is Great Falls yard). I designed the yard tracks to all curve slightly to make room for the grain elevator on the right. (The grain elevator will be cut down to hide the pipe coming out of the wall.) I wanted to make sure the curve and track spacing would not cause interference.

063009 016

This another view of the yard.

063009 020

Just having some fun using the close-up feature on the camera. Looks like I need to clean the real world weathering from the top of the caboose.

063009 022


063009 027

Layout Construction - June 24, 2009

Benchwork for the Falls yard (upper level) and Lewistown (lower level) is now built. I dug out building from a previous layout to see how it would look. After months (years actually) of planning, I just had to set out some rolling stock and track to get that layout feel.  

 063009 005

063009 006 063009 007

This view shows the brackets that will hold the benchwork for the bridge (upper level) and the tunnel (lower level) over the fireplace.

063009 012

Layout Construction - June 14, 2009

Now we are starting to look like something
More shelf brackets installed. I determined the height of each level by needing to be above the fireplace tiles at the back of the room and a comfortable viewing level. The window provided a challenge since the studs are on 24" centers along the outside walls.

063009 001

Larger brackets were used to allow for shelving under the lower level.

063009 002

Another view.

063009 003

Layout Room Construction - June 7, 2009

Ahh progress!
The ceiling is finally up! You might also notice the shelf brackets on the right-hand side. I had started testing the heights for the different levels of layout benchwork.

060709 001

The other end of the room with a few panels needing to be placed.

060709 004