Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vacation Time - October 23-30, 2009

Back to the Bridge
It was time for our annual vacation to a time share condo in Island Park, Idaho. I did not get any work done on the layout, but I worked on the plans for the trestle over the middle of the layout. I will create the bridge abutments for each end.


This a Google Sketch 3D view of how the bridge abutment and small section of the trestle will look. I placed a figure to try and give a representation of the size of the trestle.


We saw a few Montana Rail Link trains while traveling to Billings, Montana to visit with family. We were not able to stop and photograph them. We did stop in Bozeman and shoot a few photos of the old Northern Pacific depot there.

102609 002

102609 004 102609 005

West Yellowstone
This is the Union Pacific depot in West Yellowstone and a friend that we found while in the park.

102909 002 102909 003

102909 006 102909 028