Saturday, February 9, 2013

Layout Construction - Update #4

Denton Station
The Milwaukee Road had a large variety of depot styles for their different locations. This variety was reflected on the Northern Montana Division. For this update I will focus on the depot at Denton, Montana. The Denton depot was considered a class "D-3" depot by the Milwaukee's Engineering Department. The depot was constructed in 1913 as the Milwaukee Road continued it branch line to Great Falls.

The construction of the Denton depot model was something that was already taken care of for me. Depots by John had created the model I needed for the depot. Unfortunately, the kit is now out of production. The kit is a simple resin construction with added details from other companies. Building the kit was really nothing more then about a four or five evening project. I added shake shingles from Wild West Models for an extra detail. The Milwaukee Road used a variety of colors for their depot, in the west region of the railroad they settle on a two tone gray scheme. The roofs were usually a green asphalt or shake shingle depending on the age of the depot. I stained the shake shingles from Wild West Models by using an olive green color art marker. Additional details will be added along with window glass. With the right amount of weathering you can turn a good kit into a great model!

Here are a few views of the depot in its natural setting.