Sunday, February 7, 2010

Layout Construction – January 2009

Gotta Run Some Trains
With a new DCC system waiting to be tested, I proceeded with getting track down as soon as possible. These photos show the progress so far.

012410 002 012410 004

Here is a short video of the first test run of the new track.

I also took sometime to begin working on the large bridge at middle of the layout. Click here to view the blog entry where I discussed the bridge.

012410 015  012410 019

Loot Day – December 25, 2009

Santa Really Does Exist
Actually that should be Christmas Day, but I always look forward to the “loot” I receive for the railroad.

The year was really good! My wonderful family got together and purchased a NCE PowerCab for the layout. They just let me borrow it.

012410 025

The NCE PowerCab is a digital command control (DCC) station to run trains with. Each locomotive on the layout has a decoder added to the motor to control it. The command station sends a signal to the locomotive to do various things like going forward, backward, speed up, slow down, turn on the head light and other things.

I should have been a hand model.

I also received a new addition to my Lego train collection. Always a fun way to spend Christmas day building a new Lego piece.


Other loot that I received included a scale truck for the upcoming farm scene, track laying tools, weathering powders for structures and rolling stock and gift certificate to a local hobby shop. Thanks family for keeping my addiction going.

30201 81632_R82839_R