Thursday, October 15, 2009

Layout Room Construction – May 2009

Why I don’t do construction for a living
After months of on again and off again work, the walls have been finished and painted. The ceiling still needs to put up. The pile of crap in the middle of the room, was the only place it could go. It was fun working around the pile to finish the room.

052109 003

This is a view of the other end of the room.

052109 005

I needed to find a way to allow good airflow into the room and keep the cats out of the room. I finally decided to buy a screen door and remove the screen. In its' place I purchased some "egg crate" style ceiling panels used for drop ceilings. These were cut to size and screwed to the back of the door. The door is held shut by magnets at the top and bottom. Easy opening, but strong enough to keep the cats out.

052109 002 052109 007

Layout Room Construction – March 2009

Where do you start? At the beginning.
Before any construction of the layout could begin, the room needed to be finished. This room did not have any finished dry wall or ceiling. The electrical needed to be re-routed for additional wall outlets and ceiling lights. Oh, the joys of remodeling!

030809 077 

The challenge here is to enclose the furnace and water heater while allowing access to the crawl space on the left-hand side.

030809 080

Another view showing the large window.

030809 081