Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Loot Day - December 25, 2010

Yes Virginia There really is a Santa Claus
Probably one of the greatest days for a model railroader has got to be Christmas. This year was spectacular. First off, to help speed construction of the track and reliability of running trains, Santa brought the Fast Tracks switch jig. Wow, this system really does help make the process of constructing a turnout much easier.


I received six “Bullfrog” turnout controllers for the layout. These are easy to assemble and add very reliable operation (More on these later).
A new Milwaukee road boom truck for the local maintenance crews. This model from Athearn will make an interesting scene with crews and details.


A new addition to my Lego train collection was this steam engine with tender. Actually it is not a Lego original. The Lego corporation moved production of some kits to China. An enterprising (whatever) individual made slight changes and created a new line called “Enlighten”. A Lego knock-off at a third the original price. Isn’t capitalism wonderful or do I mean commu-capitalism, or how about just greed, great.
Also received a gift certificate from Warrens Train Shop at the Union Station in Ogden. That will go to good use.