Saturday, February 2, 2013

Layout Construction – Update #1

Falls Yard Construction
With the roadbed in place, it is now time to build switches. The best system I have found for constructing switches is from Fast Tracks. Their jig makes switch construction fast and reliable. The more you build, the faster you complete one and better they turn out.

Pictured below is the small work bench that I use to construct  the switches. Nothing fancy, just a comfortable place to work.  On the right photo you can see the jigs from Fast Tracks and the start of a new switch. These are a number six jig.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Below you can see the results from several hours of work. All that is left to do is cut gaps for the frog and some clean-up of the soldering joints.


The cross-over from the mainline to the passing track and yard lead have been installed in the left photo. In the right photo, the turnout to the GTA grain elevator is being tested fitted for correct placement.


With the grain elevator switch and the additional switch to the yard tracks in place, the main line and passing tracks have now been installed. You maybe wondering why there is the jog in the tracks for the siding, mainline and passing tracks. At the far end of the layout I need to deal with a water pipe that can not be moved without a great deal of expense. My answer was to jog everything slightly to the outside and cover it up with the grain elevator complex.


Back from the dead – February 2013

Where Have I Been for Almost the Last Year?
My how time seems to slip away so easily. I’m not sure why I stopped posting to this blog. In an effort to redeem myself, I will try to catch everything up to the current state of the railroad.

Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and enjoy your stay at the Northern Montana Line Blog.

Here we go!