Friday, March 11, 2011

Train Show – March 2011

The Hostlers Model Railroad Festival is the largest show of the season. This year was better than ever. There were more vendors and displays then in past shows. New vendors from outside of Utah included Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho and more. The manufacturer, Exact Rail from Provo, had a small display both to answer questions about their products. We spent all day at the show looking at everything and I attended one clinic. If there was only enough money to match the products I was sure that I needed.




An short video about some interesting animation of a dump truck. Might be something I’ll use.

Here I am attending a clinic about the proper weight for rolling stock. Free and very informative.


I made out like a bandit with all the products available from vendors. Or, did they make out like a bandit from me? We were able to cross off several things off our “Scavenger List” and add things that were never there. The last photos of the painting truck and crew will make a nice story scene for the farm house.





AS5539_f_1DCF 1.0

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Layout Construction–February 2011

Denton Update
This month I spent time assembling grain bins for the elevator. A connecting platform will be built from the elevator across the tops of the bins. I also began to layout some the future building locations for the town.

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I assembled the farm house and barn for the not yet named farm. This farm will also include a hen house, garden and other small details.

022011 028022011 030

The grain bins did not include a base for the bins to sit on. The foundations need to simulate concrete. I cut circles from high density foam used for RC planes. Once the these are painted a concrete color, they should work great.