Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Layout Construction – February 2010

February 13, 2010
I got ahead of myself with construction of the track. I was so excited to test the new DCC (Digital Command Control) system that I did follow the track plan. A crossover in the mainline to access an industrial siding was left out. These photos show the removing of the track and two switches installed for the crossover. I also installed some Caboose Industries ground throw mechanisms to control the switch points.

021310 020 021310 027
021310 029 022710 020

Now that the crossover is installed it was an easy step to complete the passing siding for Lewistown.

022710 011 022710 014

February 17, 2010
Now it was time to move on to the “End of the line” to continue the mainline to Denton. This required cutting the foam board to create a creek bed. Abridge that I purchased for an old layout will be used to span the creek. It was a surprise to find the gap in the sub-board after removing the foam. I will have to fix this before making the creek bed.

021710 005 021710 007
021710 013 021710 019

February 27, 20010
I installed the rest of the foam board for the Geraldine and Denton town areas in preparation for adding new track. The town of Denton will be the next extension of the mainline. The top right photo shows the road bed being installed in Denton. While installing the roadbed, I worked on the large crack in creek bed. I added small strips of foam to fill in the crack and then added several coats joint compound to create a smooth surface.

022710 003 022710 023
022710 004 022710 026

Here is a short video with the new passing track installed. This gave me a chance to test the DCC system with two locomotives running at the same time.