Sunday, November 29, 2009

Layout Construction - November 23, 2009

Tunneling the Hill
I decided to take a break from building turnouts. I’ve completed the three so far and the newest one is better then the one built before it. My soldering technique and building time are getting faster. I thought it was time to build the half tunnel wall between Denton and Lewistown. I tried using aluminum flashing thinking it would curve easy and maintain that curve without support. Well, that didn’t quite work out. The aluminum was very hard to work with over the 39” length of the tunnel. I opted to use poster board and foam core supports.

112309 001  112309 004

The top edge started to become wavy without support. That did not seem to matter since the bottom of the ravine floor flatten out the waviness.

112309 009 112309 032

Next came the fun part of ballasting the track. This had to be done since access will be very restricted after the ravine floor is installed. Here is a before and after of the track.

112309 028 112909 017

This a artistic rendition of what the area will look like after the bridge, scenery and fascia is installed.

 112309 012a