Saturday, February 16, 2013

Layout Construction - Update #5

Geraldine Handcar Shed
Just a short post this time. After completing the Denton station, I decided that a smaller project was in order. I had purchased the Pikestuff Handcar Shed (Stock No. 541-0006) more then a year ago. It had ended up in the box of "Future Projects". I HATE this box, but every modeler seems to end up with one. For some modelers it may not be a box, it maybe a shelf, a cabinet or some other storage device. You all know what I'm talking about. The "I'll buy it now and finish it later" box. My real concern is that I buy something with good intentions, but never seem to get around to building or using what I purchased. Oh well, if it were not for these boxes there would be fewer tables and less bargains at swap meets or train shows. Enough with the soap box (pun intended).

Construction is very straight forward and would be a great kit for first-time builders. A styrene based kit that requires only a few tools and glue. I followed the basic construction of the kit. I painted the shed the same primer gray that I used n the Denton station. The only difference is the lack of the darker gray lower color that the Milwaukee Road used on their stations. I surmise that a utility building did not deserve the extra cost for additional paint. I added shingles from Wild West Models and gave them the same green color as the Denton station. I feel it is very important to keep all the everyday railroad owns building a corporate look. A small bit of weathering, including a touch of rust to the door hinges and you have a nice structure with very little work or time required.