Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Layout Plan

I should take the time and show the plan for the layout. It will be a two level around the wall type layout. The upper (Falls Yard) level is 55" from the floor and the lower (Lewistown) level is 40 3/4" off the floor. A helix will join the levels at the far end. Removable staging tracks are located at the opposite end of each level for the off-loading of trains. Along with Milwaukee trains, the layout will also have Great Northern trains passing over the line on a run through while their line to Billings is being repaired.



THE UPPER LEVEL (Falls Yard/Geraldine)
This level will be represented of the line from Great Falls to Geraldine. The Falls Yard will be a terminus for all Milwaukee Road trains. Great Northern trains will not stop and pass on to staging tracks to simulate their terminus at the Great Northern yards off the layout. At Falls Yard switching will include trains bound for Harlowton and point east or west on the Milwaukee mainline. Trains will also be made up to exit the staging to represent movement further up the branch to Agawam. Switching in this area includes a large grain elevator, fuel oil depot, freight house, farm implement dealer and team track.



The station at Geraldine will include a grain elevator and stock yards. The track has been extended to have an area for storage (M.O.W. or other cars). At the far end the is a loading ramp that was thought to be gravel or some other bulk material. After some investigation by the members of the Yahoo Milwaukee Group, it turns out the original ramp was used in the early years as a way farmers to dump their grain into boxcars. (See photos below). I will continue with the original plan and use it as a gravel loading ramp.

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THE LOWER LEVEL (Lewistown/Denton)
This level will be the incoming trains from Harlowton and out bound trains to Great Falls. A small holding yard will store a minimum of cars to be switched at the local industries. These industries include a large grain elevator, freight house, brewery and flour mill. A siding will represent the branch line to the gypsum plant at Heath (See photo below). A major part of the Lewistown area to be modeled will be the beautiful station that is now the Yogo Inn.  Here is a photo from years ago.


Lewistown Depot (Yogo)-1940 Heath Gypsum Plant--1986

The town of Denton will be a standard railroad town for the state of Montana. A grain elevator and stock yards are about all that existed on most small towns on the Northern Milwaukee line. This town will be used as a passing siding for east and west bound trains.


THE HELIX (Connects both levels)
This is the helix that will connect both levels.