Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Layout Construction - November 11, 2009

Now that the roadbed is starting to go down, it is time to begin building turnouts. I have hand built turnouts in the past and decided to give it a try again. After doing a lot of research on building turnouts, I decided that the method described by Joe Fugate would be the best method. This method has been posted on Joe’s Siskiyou Lines website. He uses Central Valley tie strips and printed circuit board ties. I won’t go into the construction explanation in this blog. Here is a link to his forums where he describes how to build a turnout. (Click Here) This method is  definitely easier then the way I have done it in the past.

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These turnouts shown below were built off the layout on a template and used the “fill the frog and guard rail with solder, then use a saw blade to clean everything out” method. This worked, but did not create a smooth turnout. I will provide more photos after the new turnouts are installed.

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