Sunday, January 25, 2015

Past Layouts - #1

The Apartment Railway
Since there has not been much going on with the current layout (Holiday celebrations, work, NMRA Division newsletter and life in general) I thought it might be fun to visit
the past and show some of the layouts that have preceded the Northern Montana Line.

During the early 80’s, I got married, accepted a job transfer to Utah and began a new era in my life. We lived in apartments for to many years. I was anxious to build a layout. At the time I had a small stash of HO gauge equipment that I had collected while a member of the Great Falls Model Railroad club in Montana during my high school years. We finally moved into an apartment with a spare bedroom with enough space for a layout. The only problem is the bedroom was not big enough for an HO layout. The solution was to try and build something I had never attempted before. N SCALE! Now this was a big change for me. Early N scale was something that needed a lot of work, but I was determined that I WAS going to have a layout. So a small 2’x4’ portable layout was started to hone my basic model railroading skills. This was a simple folded loop with a town on each side. Not much to operate, but I was finally building something! Below are some of the only photos I took of the layout. I wish I had taken more. All this was pre- Kadee, DCC and the highly detailed models you can get today!








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